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Strengthen Regulatory Compliance
In the midst of widespread product safety issues and recalls, as well as increasing regulatory requirements, leading retail and Consumer Product Goods (CPG) companies are taking proactive steps to improve their product quality, strengthen product stewardship, and ensure safety and compliance with the help of MetricStream.
Keri Dawson
VP of ComplianceOnline Advisory Services
MetricStream, Inc.

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Governance : GRC Platforms : MetricStream
> MetricStream Successfully Hosts GRC Summit 2014
> Syncora Guarantee Chooses MetricStream
> MetricStream Joins with LexisNexis to Deliver Comprehensive Regulatory Intelligence
Governance : GRC Platforms : Wolters Kluwer FS
> Analyzing the Grandfathered Status of Debt Securities for FATCA
> Aviva Selects Wolters Kluwer Audit, Risk & Compliance TeamMate Solution

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